15 Common Title Problems

15 Common Title Problems

Here are 15 title troubles that can result in the loss of property or place you in an expensive lawsuit. An Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance protects you against loss up to the amount of the policy, plus your attorney’s fees are covered.
1. Forgery or Fraud by the seller
2. Instruments executed under and insufficient, falsified or expired power of attorney
3. Deeds from a corporation, partnership or limited liability company not properly authorized
4. Undeclared or missing heirs
5. Misinterpreted wills
6. Claims of credit tors in estates
7. Deeds from minors
8. Deeds from persons supposedly single but actually married
9. Mistakes in the recording or indexing of documents
10. Lack of jurisdiction over persons in judicial proceedings
11. Easements by prescription not shown by a survey
12. Adverse Possession
13. Defective Acknowledgments
14. Inadequate or incorrect legal descriptions
15. Mechanics Liens